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Visual Basic 6 to .Net Upgrades

Got an old Visual Basic 6 (or less!) that needs upgrading to the latest platform? Want to change it to a .Net application? WPF/WinForm or/and Web? Want the code refactored and improved upon?

We do not use any automatic convertors like a lot of companies do. We analyse, reverse-engineer the existing Visual Basic 6 application and structure the code base to take advantage of the new way of doing things in the .Net World. We also can add extra functionality if required and even give the App a web presence including giving it the Mobile experience.

Factorise and Unit/Integration Testing

We do not just convert/translate old code into the new language. We also evaluate the efficiency of the code base and come up with a SOLID solution.

By using best coding practices, we can Unit test each component and perform Integration testing on all the functional code. We then move this to our internal Stage Testing and our own internal User Acceptance testing. Nothing is compromised upon. Each existing piece of code is looked at for design improvements.

We also Memory Profile our designs. Whilst the solution of many providers is to just improve the hardware this is no excuse to write poor code that takes up unnecessary memory! all too frequently we have seen the Provider suggest a Hardware upgrade and then when that App is under duress (like heavier workloads because of increased Users) the whole process drags down to unacceptable Cyclic turnarounds.

Database Migrations/Creations

Have a Data Store that needs migrating to a SQL database? Do you have data that needs Modelling? Perhaps you have a bespoke request perhaps converting an Excel Spreadsheet of data to a normalised database? We deal with SQL Enterprise, Compact and Lite database designs.

Not sure want you want or what is possible to do with the data you have? Then contact us and discuss your requirements.

Desktop to Web

Maybe you have an existing Desktop App that you want accessible via the Web? Want to have it converted to a Web Portal? Want to keep the Desktop App and have it 'communicate' with a new Web Portal written by us and functionally proposed by you?

We have the expertise to create a REST API for your App to communicate to. We can provide the support and the infrastructure to turn your idea into an Enterprise Model.

We can design an efficient and responsive web site using the latest web techniques.

Desktop to Mobile

Perhaps you have an existing Desktop App that you want accessible via Mobile devices? Want to have it converted to a Mobile Web App? Want to have it integrated to your Desktop App and with your Back Office?

Whatever the requirements we will come up with a proposed solution for you to evaluate and discuss with us.

Web to Mobile

Maybe you have an existing Web App that you want accessible via Mobile Devices? Want to have a Mobile designed version of your Web Portal so it can be viewed at different resolutions and monitor sizes?

Want to take advantage of things like location/tracking/camera functionalities? We are proficient in integrating the hardware senses and abilities of Mobile devices to provide IOTs connectivity and communications to give you a solution that suits you!